We offer a wide range of professional medical services and independent medical assessments to
diagnose and treat clients after an accident.  In addition to our services, we provide disability
transportation and interpreter services in order to provide our clients with accessibility and

We ensure that all areas of legislation are covered, including (but not limited to):

     •        Accident Benefits Claims
     •        Tort Claims

Our assessors currently practice in multiple specialties including:

     •        Orthopedics
     •        Neurology
     •        Neuropsychology
     •        Neurosurgery
     •        Rheumatology
     •        Chronic Pain
     •        Chiropractic
     •        Occupational and Physiotherapy
     •        Psychology
     •        Physiatry
     •        Dentistry
     •        Plastic Surgery
     •        Speech Pathology
     •        Otolaryngology
     •        Respirology
     •        Sleep Disorders
     •        Optometry
Medical Assessments

In addition to the medical assessments described below, we also provide pre-screenings for
assessments and arrange diagnostic services where needed (MRI, CT, X-Ray).

Please click on an assessment type for a detailed explanation of the assessment.
Attendant Care Assessment

In- Home Assessment

Psychological Assessment

Optometric Assessment

TMJ Assessment

Otolaryngology Assessment

Mild Brain Injury Evaluation

Work Site Assessment

PDA (Physical Demands Analysis)

Orthopedic Assessment

Follow-up In-Home Assessments

Follow-up Attendant Care Assessments

Neurological Assessment

Sleep Assessment

BPS (BioPsychoSocial)

Driving Evaluation

Functional Abilities Evaluation

Rheumatological Assessment

Chronic Pain Assessment
To Patients:

For your convenience, our hours of operation are from 8
a.m. To 8 p.m. ET, during which our highly qualified staff are
prepared to answer any inquiries. You will be contacted with
information about any medical evaluations you have been
approved for or requested. You will receive detailed
directions at this time. Once you arrive to the assessment
site, our staff will walk you through all the paperwork and
guide you to ensure the smoothest assessment experience.
Our goal is to make your experience as pleasant as possible.
Please, use our
Frequently Asked Questions section to get
more information. We welcome any
feedback to help us
improve our services.

To Legal Representatives:

We have a comprehensive system of determining the need
for further evaluations and timely requests to insurance
companies for such. Legal Representatives for any patient
will receive a detailed examination report as soon as the
evaluation is conducted and the report is generated. We
keep a detailed medical history of any patient, available at
short notice. Our well-trained staff take the time to answer
any questions from patients about the whole process and
our involvement in the medical process. We make it a
priority to keep Legal Representatives informed about any
changes in patient status or condition which become known
to us. Please, feel free to
contact us for more information or
fill out and fax to us a referral form.
Also provided by Assessment Direct:

Auxiliary Services

Pre-Screening for Medical Evaluations
• Interpretation Services
• Transportation Services

Assistive Devices

• We provide a wide range of quality Assistive Devices in relation to
injuries sustained during MVA.
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